The power of a handwritten letter

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By Dan Sears

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Tuesday, September 5, 2023 6:21PM

The power of a handwritten letter

TOMBALL, Texas — It was more than 32 years the last time Amy Daughters and Dana Rivera spoke to each other. They were camp counselors together in the 1980’s, but life happened and they went their separate ways.

It was in 2014 when the two reconnected on Facebook. That’s when Amy discovered Dana’s son, Parker, was diagnosed with cancer.

Instead of writing a Facebook message, Amy grabbed a pen and wrote Dana a handwritten letter.

“When I wrote Dana and Parker a letter for the first time, I had not written a letter in 25 years,” Daughters said. “To me it was a way to say I was thinking about them and I cared, I was praying for them,”

The experience inspired Daughters to write a handwritten letter to her friends on Facebook – all 580 of them. It also sparked Daughters to write the book, Dear Dana: That time I went crazy and wrote all 580 of my Facebook friends a handwritten letter.

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Daughters shares her experience in the video above.

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