The scary reason why travelers should avoid using airport charging ports

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By Dan Sears

Don’t let the juice loose.

The person behind the account on TikTok recently warned jetsetters to avoid airport charging stations because they are a cybersecurity risk.

In the 34-second resurfaced clip posted on TikTok, the travel guru explains the dangers behind the airport charging hub.

“Do not put your phone in those, do not charge your phone there. You will regret it,” she confessed.

The woman, whose name remains undisclosed, mentioned the FBI issued a warning about airport charging stations, calling it “juice jacking,” known as cyber-attacks that can be achieved through a USB charging port with a data connection function.

“Cybercriminals use USB ports and airports and stations to steal your data. Fun, right?” she quipped in the video.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) hackers explained how hackers can load malware onto public USB charging stations to access electronic devices while they are being charged.

“Criminals can then use that information to access online accounts or sell it to other bad actors,” the FCC site reads.

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The travel guru recommends using battery packs and portable chargers instead of charging stations to stay safe.

However, TikTokers shared another way to charge your devices safely without the risk of hackers.

“You can use electrical outlets with the charger base or get power-only USB cables that don’t have data pins,” suggested a watcher.

“Thanks for the heads up,” wrote a thankful viewer.

woman suggests device charging options
She suggests using portable chargers when traveling to avoid the security risk.

While many people were grateful for the tips, some are frustrated by another hack that is causing an inconvenience.

“Give. Me. A. Break,” sighed a woman.

“Too late,” sighed one TikTok user. “At this point they can just have my data because they’re working really hard to steal it.”

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