This tiny house folds into a transportable box at the press of a button

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By Dan Sears

You’ve heard of foldable phones, even foldable TVs, but a self-folding tiny house? 

This small home on wheels folds and unfolds like a transformer. 

With the push of a button, it can change its dimensions. It’s a marvel of engineering and design that also respects the environment. 

Are you curious to see how it works? Let’s take you on a tour to see what it offers.

The Grande S1 is a revolutionary product by PODX Go, a company that specializes in innovative and sustainable housing solutions. It is a foldable tiny home on wheels that can be easily transported and set up anywhere. It is the first home model that PODX Go brings to North America, and it has many features that make it stand out from other tiny homes.

How does the tiny house work?

The Grande S1 has a unique folding mechanism that allows it to expand and contract with the push of a button. In just 15 minutes, it can go from a road-ready 8½ feet wide to a spacious 22½ feet wide, providing 364 square feet of living space.

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The house is built with a durable A36 steel structure and insulating polyurethane panels, which provide strength, stability and comfort in all seasons. It is also NOAH-certified, which means it meets the standards of safety, quality and craftsmanship for tiny homes.

A tiny home can fold into an 8-foot box. PODX Go

5 benefits of the tiny house

The Grande S1 offers many benefits for those who want to live a minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle. Some of the benefits are:

1.  Easy to move: The house can be towed with a heavy-duty pickup, such as the F-250, and can be set up anywhere that complies with zoning regulations. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of living wherever you want, whether it’s in the city, the countryside or somewhere in between.

2. Maximizes space: The house has a clever design that maximizes the use of space. It has two-sided expandable walls that create a flat and open floor plan. It also has folding furniture that can be stored away when not in use, such as a bed, a table and a sofa.

The house can accommodate up to four people comfortably and has plenty of storage space for your belongings.

The home comes fully furnished. PODX Go
The tiny home offers 364 square feet of living space. PODX Go

3. Ready to move-in: The house comes fully furnished and air-conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about buying or installing anything. It has a kitchen that comes with modern appliances and fixtures.

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It also has a bathroom that comes with a shower, sink and toilet.

4. Smart security: The house has a security system that protects your home and perimeter.

It has cameras, sensors, alarms and locks that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. You can monitor and manage your home from anywhere and get alerts if anything unusual happens.

5. Reliable quality: The house is built with high-quality materials and technology that ensure its durability and performance. It has a Renogy solar power system that provides renewable energy for your home. It also has a 50-amp duplex plug, a 120V RV connection and a standard RV city water inlet for your utilities. The house is designed to withstand winds up to category 3 and has a warranty of 10 years.

It also has a bathroom that comes with a shower, sink and toilet. PODX Go

How much does the tiny house cost

The Grande S1 has a retail price of $85,000. This is a competitive price compared to other tiny homes on the market, considering the features and benefits that the Grande S1 offers. You can also take advantage of financing options and discounts that PODX Go provides for its customers.

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Kurt’s key takeaways

The Grande S1 is a foldable tiny home on wheels that offers a minimalist and eco-friendly way of living. It is a product of innovation and creativity and a solution for those who want to have more freedom and flexibility in their lives. If you are looking for a new and exciting way of living, the Grande S1 might be the perfect choice for you.

Could you see yourself living in one of these self-folding tiny homes on wheels? Why or why not? Let us know by writing us at

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