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By Dan Sears

Meta‘s latest social media venture Threads continues to display its meteoric growth just a day after its debut with more than 40 million sign-ups worldwide, according to data from Sensor Tower. Threads now holds the record for the most downloaded app on its launch day in the past decade.

Branded as Instagram’s “text-based conversation app,” Threads allows users to post short messages that others can like, share and comment on. Instagram users will be able to keep their usernames and follow the same accounts on the new app.

As of July 6, the Twitter-like messaging app has garnered 40 million downloads worldwide. In the U.S., Threads amassed 5.5 million users, or 14% of total downloads. Threads receives 25% of its sign-ups from Apple users and the remaining from Android users.

Less than 24 hours after its public debut, some people are already skeptical of Threads’ controversial policy that prohibits them from deleting their Threads profiles without also deleting their corresponding Instagram accounts. Even though users can delete individual posts and “deactivate” their accounts at any time, meaning they can just stop engaging with the app, many are still taken aback by this policy.

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But users in India and Brazil might beg to differ. Sensor Tower reports Threads drew the most downloads from the two countries, with India topping the chart at 22% of total sign-ups and Brazil at 16%.

At a historic rise in popularity, the social platform has currently exploded to 50 million sign-ups, CNBC reported. Threads has officially surpassed the launches of popular mobile titles such as Pokemon GO and Call of Duty Mobile, which both saw fewer than 20 million downloads upon launch, according to Sensor Tower.

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