TikToker eats only $1.50 Costco hot dog meals for an entire week

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By Dan Sears

A TikTok star went an entire week subsisting on the $1.50 hot dog combo meal at Costco — an his stomach paid the price.

Joey Kinsley, a Cleveland, Ohio resident who is known to more than 460,000 social media followers by his online persona “Sir Yacht,” documented the stunt in several TikTok videos.

By the second day, Kinsley was already regretting his decision.

“My stomach is an absolute f–king warzone right now. I’ll keep you guys posted if I survive the rest of the week,” he said in the video.

Kinsley ended up consuming 29 hot dogs over the seven days, for a grand total of $43.50.

He even boasted of shedding a few pounds in the process — but joked the weigh-loss may have been caused by a “giant tapeworm.”

Costco has famously kept the price of its hot dog combo meal at $1.50 despite inflationary pressures in the market place.

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When he wasn’t consuming the combo meal, Kinsley said he consumed only water.

Social media personality Joey Kinsley ate nothing but Costco hot dogs for a week. siryacht/Instagram
Kinsley said he lost more than 4 pounds by eating 29 hot dogs over seven days. siryacht/Instagram

“To my surprise, I never got sick of eating hot dogs once, despite my bowel movements resembling Willy Wonka’s chocolate river,” Kinsley, who once documented trips to all 50 state capitals within a span of 30 days, said in one of his videos.

Kinsley said he managed to save money in the process. siryacht/Instagram
Kinsley said he would not recommend others do the same. siryacht/Instagram
Kinsley joked his stomach was a “f–king warzone.” siryacht/Instagram

Nutritionists have overwhelmingly recommended that American consumers limit their intake of hot dogs given the fact that they are high in sodium and they are also processed.

Unlike 100% beef, chicken or turkey that comes from animals that are raised humanely, processed meats are known to include chemical preservatives that health officials warn could increase the risk of cancer.

Kinsley is aware of the data and urged social media viewers not to try what he did.

Costco has maintained the $1.50 price point of its popular hot dog combo despite high rates of inflation. AFP via Getty Images

“I definitely don’t recommend anybody do it just because it is not very good for you. God knows what’s in a hot dog,” Kinsley told Business Insider.

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“I would never do this if it wasn’t for a social media project.”

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