Valentine’s Day dinner served inside ancient jail costs $215

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By Dan Sears

If marriage is a prison, then why not spend Valentine’s Day behind bars?

The caretakers of an old English jail are offering adventurous couples the opportunity for fine dining in a shut cell for about $215, Jam Press reports.

The Oxford Jail in England — which was an active tower a thousand years ago during the days of William the Conqueror — will double as a restaurant serving a menu much better than the average prison food come Feb. 14.

Guests can even choose to dine in the cells of notorious criminals like accused murderers Mary Blandy or Anne Greene. Journalists might seek the cell of Rowland Jenkes, who was convicted of libel.

There is also the chance to enjoy the creepy, 900-year-old Norman crypt for $230.

An old English jail is becoming a date night spot this Valentine’s Day.
Oxford Jail in England is offering the chance for couples to spend Feb. 14 inside its walls. Jam Press

A table lit with candelabras and red roses placed within the locked zones of the cellblock is the setting for the three-course dinner.

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The starter will be tomato tartare with an aged parmesan black garlic emulsion and charcoal crackers.

The main course boasts a choice of braised beef blade, short rib pierogi, or miso-braised cabbage.

There is also a vegetarian option of a twice-baked cheese soufflé or a barbecue leek terrine with white wine watercress sauce.

As for dessert, there will be a white chocolate mousse pudding with a pistachio sponge cake and raspberries. A bottle of prosecco is also included.

The three-course meal takes place behind bars.

Initially a medical fort in 1073, the building suffered great damage during the English Civil War from 1642 to 1651.

It was converted into a jail in 1785 for use until 1996.

Oxford Prison has since become a tourist destination and educational center that also hosts escape rooms.

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