Wall Street’s ‘Fearless Girl’ dressed up in pro-Palestinian garb by Hamas supporter

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By Dan Sears

A supporter of Hamas’ brutal Oct. 7 massacre decked out the “Fearless Girl” statue in pro-Palestinian garb on Wednesday night — drawing backlash from passersby.

The New York City-born activist, who identified herself only as Fatima, draped a brown keffiyeh around the neck of the bronze sculpture, to protest the Biden administration’s backing for Israel’s military actions in the Gaza Strip, she told The Post

She also attached a Palestinian flag bearing the words “Freedom for Palestine” to the statue, a symbol for women’s empowerment — despite the fact that there is little equality in Gaza.

“This isn’t the right place for this,” one pedestrian told Fatima, who is in her 20s.

Some passersby angrily snatched the scarf and flag off the popular Wall Street attraction across from the New York Stock Exchange, before handing it back to the activist.

One tourist asked for the pro-Palestinian symbols to be removed so that she could have her photo taken with “Fearless Girl,” which was forged in 2017 “to ignite a conversation about the importance of gender diversity in corporate leadership.”

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Fatima defended using the statue to push her message, saying other demonstrators have used it to support causes like the #MeToo movement.

The famous “Fearless Girl” statue is seen opposite the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday night. Ariel Zilber for NY Post

The activist — whose family came to the US from Ramallah, the Palestinian seat of government in the West Bank — also told The Post that she did not condemn Hamas for the cross-border terror attack that left nearly 1,200 Israelis dead.

She said Israeli civilian casualties were a necessity of Palestinian resistance to occupation.

When asked about the motivation for the display, she said it was to raise awareness for the pro-Palestinian rally slated to take place in Washington, DC, on Jan. 13.

A pro-Palestinian activist dressed up the statue in a keffiyeh. Ariel Zilber for NY Post

Fatima said hundreds of people took photos of the bedecked statue during the evening and “95% of the reaction has been positive.”

“Fearless Girl” was unveiled by artist Kristen Visbal in 2017. The 50.4-inch-tall bronze sculpture depicting a young girl in a dress and high-tops with her hands defiantly on her hips was initially placed opposite the famous “Charging Bull” installation in Bowling Green.

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Several tourists were seen taking photos of the statue decked out in pro-Palestinian garb. Ariel Zilber for NY Post

In 2018, then-Mayor Bill DeBlasio ordered the “Fearless Girl” to be moved to its current location due to the large crowds that were spilling into the street in order to take photos.

State Street Global Advisors, the Boston-based asset management firm, sponsored the “Fearless Girl” statue.

“Fearless Girl” was unveiled in 2017 in order to raise awareness “about the importance of gender diversity in corporate leadership.” Shutterstock
“Fearless Girl” was originally placed opposite the famous “Charging Bull” statue in the Bowling Green section of Manhattan’s Financial District. Shutterstock

The firm later sued Visbal after the artist sold replicas of the statue for as much as $250,000 each.

The Post has sought comment from Visbal and State Street.

Local officials in Manhattan have been wrestling with ways for the city to take ownership of the statue, which was originally intended to be a temporary installation but has since proven to be a hit with tourists.

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