We couldn’t decide on a baby name — we let our dog choose for us

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By Dan Sears

This is so doggone adorable.

First-time parents Courtney and Oliver Brooks, of Kent, England, admittedly had a ruff time deciding on a name for their son.

They even found themselves downloading an app to help with the selection.

“It’s like Tinder, but for baby names,” Courtney, a 29-year-old virtual assistant, told SWNS.

With the help of their families, the couple narrowed the choices down to two names: Jaxon and Casey.

We let our dog choose our baby name – he is the best big brother
The couple said their dog Gus, 2, is the “best big brother.”
Courtney Brooks / SWNS

Then, as Courtney recalled: “We went to a wedding and asked people their sons’ names, and one said Brody — we just loved it.”

Now at three names, the couple enlisted the help of their spaniel terrier mix Gus, 2, to pick the winning moniker.

They wrote each name on a tennis ball, vowing to choose the name on the ball Gus brought back.

Gus picked Brody — to the delight of Courtney and Oliver, 30, who had both claimed that name as their favorite.

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“He picked Brody, and then he kept picking him,” Courtney said of their furry friend.

The choice was made official when their son arrived on July 5.

“As soon as he came out, I looked at Oliver and said, ‘He’s a Brody,’” Courtney gushed.

We let our dog choose chose our baby name – he is the best big brother
Gus and Brody are a dynamic duo.
Courtney Brooks / SWNS

Gus and baby Brody.
The couple said Gus did such a great job picking Brody’s name that they will utilize his skills again if they have another child.
Courtney Brooks / SWNS

Oliver, an online fitness coach, sent Courtney a message after seeing her on the Channel 4 dating show “Flirty Dancing” in December 2019.

They hit it off and started dating in February 2020 before getting Gus in January 2021.

The couple married in September 2022 and learned they were expecting their first child that November.

We let our dog choose chose our baby name – he is the best big brother
Courtney snuggles with Brody.
Courtney Brooks / SWNS

Courtney insists Gus is a “very clever dog” and believes he knew she was pregnant very early on, but pretended not to.

“One random night I was lying there, and Gus cuddled up to me and laid right on my belly, and the baby started going crazy,” she recalled.

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We let our dog choose chose our baby name – he is the best big brother
“He picked Brody, and then he kept picking him. It was our favorite anyway,” Courtney said of Gus’ name selection.
Courtney Brooks / SWNS

Courtney admitted that she was unsure about wanting to find out the sex of the baby, but decided to surprise Oliver in January, as he really wanted to know.

“For his 30th, I surprised him and went and got a secret scan and gave it to a baker, ” she explained. “We knew it was going to be a boy.”

We let our dog choose chose our baby name – he is the best big brother
The family lives in Kent, England.
Courtney Brooks / SWNS

Gus was soon promoted to big brother — a job the couple says he excels in.

“I couldn’t wait for Gus and Brody to meet. On their first meet, Gus was very eager to see [him],” Courtney reminisced. “He went a bit shy, but excited. He’s the best big brother. He just loves him.”

She added: “When another one comes along, he’ll have to pick the name.”

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