White Sox Tim Anderson breaks silence on Jose Ramirez brawl

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By Susan Comstock

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson appeared to break his silence about Saturday night’s brawl in a string of cryptic tweets on Sunday night.

Anderson and José Ramírez of the Cleveland Guardians came to blows during the bottom of the sixth inning, which ultimately saw Ramirez land a heavy right hook to knock out Anderson.

The White Sox shortstop didn’t address the media after the game and there was little context to the social media posts on Sunday. 

“You know all this happening for a reason,” Anderson’s first tweet read. 

“We staying focus with this s–t,” another read

“Been going through this s–t for a min.” Anderson’s third tweet said

In all, Anderson sent nine separate tweets out that appeared to be referring to Saturday night’s melee.

Anderson and Ramirez were both ejected from the game and likely face possible suspensions for their roles in the fight. 

While disciplinary action looms over everyone involved, Ramirez seemed to be poking fun at it on Sunday, 

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Ramirez’s agent Rafa Nieve posted a photo of the Cleveland infielder wearing boxing gloves to his Instagram story on Sunday. 

The incident is only heightening tensions between the two AL Central rivals, though they won’t face each other again in the regular season.

Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson came to blows during the Guardians-White Sox game on Saturday.

Cleveland won Sunday’s series finale 5-3. 

“Alotta mf been switching up too,” another one of Anderson’s tweets said. 

“y’all got me f—ked up fr fr,” his seventh tweet stated. 

White Sox
Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson get ready to duke it out during Saturday’s game.

Tim Anderson is held back by his White Sox teammates.
USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

The fight between Ramirez and Anderson started after the Guardians infielder slid into second base and took exception to how hard Anderson tried to apply the tag on him.

The two exchanged words before Anderson squared up and eventually threw the first punch. 

The two traded blows before Ramirez connected with a right hook that knocked the White Sox shortstop to the ground. 

While Anderson didn’t address the incident after the game, Ramirez did.

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“I think he’s been disrespecting the game for a while,” Ramirez told reporters through a translator. “It’s not from yesterday or before and I even having the chance to tell him during the game, Don’t do that style. Just be respectful. Don’t start tagging people like that, because in reality we’re here trying to find ways how to provide for our families.

“When he does a thing that he does on the bases he can get somebody out of the game, so for me, I was telling him to stop doing that. And then as soon as the play happened he tagged me again really hard, more than needed, and his reaction was he said he wanted to fight. If he wanted to fight I just had to defend myself.”

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