Whitney Port ‘yet to admit’ to eating disorder, will see specialist

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By Dan Sears

Whitney Port is seeking help for her eating habits — but has “yet to admit” she has a disorder.

The “Hills” star told “With Whit” podcast listeners Wednesday that her weight loss has been “more out of laziness and pickiness,” saying she allows herself to “just go hungry” because she does not “care.”

However, she noted, “I think, though, that it is a type of disordered eating.

“That’s not OK, that’s not healthy. I’m obviously not giving my body the nutrients it needs.”

Port, 38, added that her close friend has given her “contact [information for] an awesome nutritionist/eating disorder specialist.”

She said, “I’m going to talk to someone and figure it out and figure out what I like and make sure that I’m making that a priority.”

Whitney Port
Whitney Port is seeing a “nutritionist/eating disorder specialist.”

Whitney Port
“I have yet to admit I have an eating disorder,” the “Hills” star said on her podcast Wednesday.

Whitney Port
However, she called her habits a “type of disordered eating.”

The fashion designer also shared her plans to “make sure that [she is] moving” her body, saying she wants to get her “ass back into gear” after a lengthy vacation got her off her regular routine.

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Port first addressed claims that she was underweight in a July Instagram post, sharing her husband Tim Rosenman’s “concern” over her “unhealthy” appearance.

“I had to think about it and try to figure out what has been happening because it’s not something I’m consciously thinking about,” she wrote last month, saying “it hit” her when she stepped on the scale.

Whitney Port
Port assured her listeners she plans to “talk to someone.”

Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman
Her husband, Tim Rosenman, expressed concerns Port was underweight last month.

The former reality star added on her podcast the following week that she wants to “eat thoughtfully,” “put the right things in [her] body” and work out in a way that will build muscle.”

She said, “I’m on it, guys. … I don’t think it’s as big of an issue as it may seen.”

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Port has since been photographed bringing home an Urth Caffé smoothie and carrying lunch to a friend’s house.

Whitney Port
She is now “work[ing] on [her] relationship with food.”

While grabbing Baskin-Robbins on Thursday, she wrote via Instagram Stories that “having more ice cream than usual doesn’t suck” as she “work[s] on understanding [her] relationship with food.”

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Port previously revealed she has never tried pasta and once ate only 1,000 calories a day.

She addressed her past confessions earlier this month, explaining that seeing herself onscreen for the first time kicked off a “slippery slope of some control issues over” her looks.

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