Why Ron DeSantis was doomed from the start – NBC New York

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By Dan Sears

Iowa was supposed to be make-or-break for Ron DeSantis. 

The Florida governor essentially moved his campaign there late last year, and Never Back Down, his allied super PAC, spent tens of millions of dollars knocking on doors in the state. 

We’re going to win Iowa,” DeSantis declared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Dec. 2. 

But in the week before the all-important caucuses, Scott Wagner, the recently installed head of the super PAC, was doing something that aides found puzzling: He was literally doing a puzzle. 

The fact that one of the top people in charge of securing a win for DeSantis in Iowa was spending time on something unrelated to the caucuses was emblematic of the mismanagement and wasted efforts that many of DeSantis’ supporters say have plagued the campaign from the very beginning.

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