Woman caught selling a ‘definitely not haunted’ doll online

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By Dan Sears

In the market for a creepy collectible — one that might hug you right back?

Sarah Smith Gunter of Pinckney, Michigan, is selling a Jester Harlequin doll that’s “definitely not haunted” for the low price of $30 on Facebook Marketplace.

“It is vintage 1980s, in the style of Madame Verte but I don’t see any tags or brand name on it,” Gunter claimed in the product’s description.

The small toy also is adorned with a “balloon and lace collar.”

Advertised as being in “used – good” condition, the doll is set in a seated position and comes with a balloon and lace collar — as well as some potential spooky surprises.

“Plays music and arms move, only when you wind up the little crank in the back, not just on its own out of the blue in the night,” Gunter continued.

The Post has contacted Gunter for comment.

Woman selling creepy and 'definitely not haunted' doll on Facebook Marketplace
Well, hello there! This piercing porcelain doll can be yours for just $30.
Sarah Smith Gunter/Facebook

The unsettling porcelain figurine that also sports a pink and grey checkered jumpsuit is available to ship USPS Priority Mail for $9.25.

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But once a buyer is brave enough to welcome the doll into their homes, they’re stuck with it, as Gunter is not accepting returns.

The doll is one of over a dozen Gunter has listed on Marketplace, all ranging in price between $15 and $30.

Woman selling creepy and 'definitely not haunted' doll on Facebook Marketplace
The vintage item is set in a seated position.
Sarah Smith Gunter/Facebook

Earlier this year, an abandoned and hidden home was discovered — and it was filled with the haunting sight of hundreds of creepy dolls and children’s toys.

In more less eerie but still “Weird” doll news, Mattel announced last week that fans of Kate McKinnon’s funky Weird Barbie character from the hit “Barbie” movie will soon be able to play with their own wacky doll. 

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