World’s largest collection of horror and sci-fi movie props is frightfully fascinating

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By Dan Sears

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023 9:37PM

Largest collection of horror and sci-fi movie props on display

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Rich Correll started collecting Hollywood movie props as a child actor working on the Universal movie lot in the 1950s. He has amassed over 1800 costumes and props from horror, fantasy and science fiction films, the largest collection of its kind, which he exhibits under the Icons of Darkness banner.

“It’s either hero stuff that the actual actors wore or production-made by the studio,” said Correll. “There’s nothing here that’s a fake. It’s all the stuff that you really saw in the movies, and that’s what the appeal of this place is.”

“I think that it’s pretty amazing to learn about the costumes,” said Heather Parisi, a horror movie fan visiting Hollywood from Seattle, Washington. “Some of them are upwards of 75 pounds, and for someone to have to put that on their body and be in a movie like that is crazy.”

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