World’s most expensive hotel room costs $75K — critics say it’s ‘gaudy’

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By Dan Sears

Turns out money can’t buy good taste.

The most expensive hotel room in the world will set you back a cool $150,000 for the two-night minimum stay — but after a tour by real estate agent and YouTuber Enes Yilmazer, online critics are declaring it’s not worth it.

The Empathy Suite, which encompasses the top two levels of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, was designed by UK avant-garde artist Damien Hirst.

His artwork alone in the 9,156-square-foot penthouse has been valued between $36 million and $39 million. 

In the tour, posted in May to Yilmazer’s YouTube channel, he notes the two king bedrooms, private pool and terrace, as well as the stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The penthouse suite costs $75,000, with a two-night minimum stay.
Enes Yilmazer, /YouTube

Front of the penthouse showing pool.
The pool juts out over the strip.
Enes Yilmazer, /YouTube

The one-of-a-kind space — which features a butterfly motif throughout — also comes with a 24-hour butler, game room, private cinema, salt healing room, fitness room and two massage rooms.

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Yilmazer starts with the main lounge area of the room, pointing out the floors paved with Venus grey marble and the “longest couch” he’s ever seen.

“It starts right there, wraps around the column, and goes all the way to that side,” he says in disbelief.

He said you could “easily entertain 40 to 50 people” in this space alone.

“This is a perfect event space or party location…it has amazing views of the strip,” he gushed.

Yilmazer then highlights what he thinks is the “coolest feature” of the expensive suite — the pool, which juts out of the balcony.

“You get unbelievable view,” he said. “Right in the center you have your own pool, and this pool cantilevers over, so you’re suspended up in the air looking at the strip.”

Massive bed in luxury hotel.
The suite has a butterfly motif throughout.
Enes Yilmazer, /YouTube

Outdoor area of suite.
The Empathy Suite may have all the amenities, but online critics say it’s not worth it.
Enes Yilmazer, /YouTube

If the pool is the coolest part of the penthouse, then Yilmazer calls the bar the “heart” of it.

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“You can actually see the two bedroom suites on the second floor from here as well,” he described.

“The bar design here is really interesting,” he adds. “We have gloves, syringes, scissors, and a bunch of medical waste….it’s almost a controversial piece by Damien Hirst.”

The real estate agent and developer also gave a glimpse of the VIP bedroom suite, which featured a king-size bed, mood lighting, bedside tables and a large TV.

“It’s also double-sided, because on the other side, we have a nice, cozy seating area,” he explained.

“The views are fantastic…and from your bedroom suite,” he continued. “You can look down on your pool area, or you can look down to your bar, because the entire wall is all glass.”

Couches in luxury hotel.
He notes the large living area is great for parties.
Enes Yilmazer, /YouTube

Although Yilmazer painted a luxurious picture, some social media users balked at the hefty price tag.

“The artwork is nauseating and sinister and the rest of this overpriced monstrosity is as gaudy and tasteless as we would expect from Vegas,” one critic snarked.

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“This ‘palace’ is a train wreck,” agreed another.

“I couldn’t design an uglier hotel room if I tried,” laughed a third. “They would have done better to fill the place with Ikea furniture.”

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